That's us - Kangoo by BoGeTec

Our corporate philosophy, both internally and externally, focuses on people. What we implement in our cooperation with customers, we also strive for within our company.

Daniela Bott's team sees itself as a family in which every member is given maximum participation. Freedom for self-development is the company's recipe for success. It is precisely this freedom that we want to enable for all families and their individual members. To this end, we develop our products, which are produced entirely in Germany.

Quality and service are our top priority - qualified customer feedback at eye level enables us to respond even more specifically to the needs of all family members in product development.

Mobility, quality and flexibility

We are perhaps a little bit different from other companies. But we want to maintain and promote this special feature.

We are unique - just like our clientele. Our sustainable concept enables the family business to be there for people as a team. We are happy and enthusiastic about creating opportunities and freedom.

Since the launch of the first Kangoo in 2006, we have achieved a lot with our team and close cooperation with families. In 2007, we moved into our own building in Ittenhausen and are known in the region as an attractive employer.

It is a matter of the heart for us to work together to ensure that all families and all family members can be active, are allowed to break their boundaries and can fill their lives.