Mobile with Kangoo and pushing aid

The sun is shining and spring is awakening. Especially now, after many a gloomy winter day, young and old are looking forward to a trip to the mountains under a blue sky. Now it's time to get out into nature!

The robust Kangoo rehab buggy is the ideal companion for joint outdoor activities and, with its large wheels, is particularly suitable for active leisure activities out in nature. The optional push-assist makes it easier to negotiate inclines and longer distances, as it is an efficient direct drive that effortlessly tackles even unpaved roads.

The ergonomic and clear operating handles ensure child's play and intuitive operation. The highlight is that the push aid can be removed and activities without electric assistance (and additional weight) are still possible.

Our products at a glance

Kangoo Classic
The all-rounder

Kangoo Multi
The flexible one

Kangoo Vario
The adaptable one